The Restaurant:

Welcome to The Stoep by Capo Group.  In Afrikaans, Stoep - means Veranda. A place that you can relate to and settle in just like you would at your own home. The restaurant boasts seating for 50 sit down customers and has a charismatic and inviting feel once settled in.

The Location: 

A mere 7 min stroll from the ferry pier. As you approach the restaurant you get a nice boutique cafe feel with some tables outside the restaurants surrounded with a hedge of plants separating the street walkway from the restaurant, which just adds some extra flavor to the atmosphere and surroundings.

The Vibe:

It seems like the Stoep by Capo Group took it's laid back beach vibe from the beach to where it is now and partnered up with Italia - which is great. Its mellow decor just adds to the laid back nature the Stoep offers. The Stoep by Capo Group definitely sticks to its trademark chameleon like attributes where it can change from hosting private events, turning into a sports bar and then back into it's laid back self. What made us even go out of our way to come to the Stoep rather than to other places in the area is the fact that they now show the sport and have been showing the Rugby World Cup and the vibe is absolutely electrifying.

Find Us

Shop2, riverwalk, 6 ngan kwong wan road, mui wo, Lantau Island 
Hong Kong

Central (Pier No. 6) - Mui Wo

Ferries run from Central (Pier No. 6) to Mui Wo. The service operates from 00:30 to 23:30 from Monday to Saturday; and 00:30 to 23:40 on Sunday and public holiday.

Journey Times

Ordinary Ferry :
About 50 - 55 minutes

Fast Ferry :
About 35 – 40 minutes

New Lantao Bus No. 3M
(Tung Chung Town Centre - Mui Wo Ferry Pier)

New Lantao Bus No. 3M runs from Tung Chung Town Centre to Mui Wo Ferry Pier. The services operates from 06:00 to 23:45.

New Lantao Bus No. 1
(Mui Wo Ferry Pier - Tai O)

New Lantao Bus No. 1 runs between Mui Wo Ferry Pier and Tai O. The services operates from 06:00 to 01:10.













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