In South Africa you get the Big Five which are the following... The Lion, Elephant, Cheetah, Buffalo and Rhino...

The Stoep offers to their customers top 5 of its well known dishes... and to top it, it can only be enjoyed at no place other than The Stoep...

Biltong and Marinated Chick Pea Salad

Mixed green leaves with marinated chick peas, topped with South African dried meat and cheese shavings. The cut of meat used for the Biltong is Topside Beef, spiced with coriander, salt, pepper and vinegar. Once the meat has been marinated its hung and air-dried to the correct consistency. Once cured, the meat is used to make this delicious salad.

Homemade Boerewors with Salad and Scalloped Potatoes

Traditional South African sausage, seasoned with coriander seeds, nutmeg and cloves. Boerewors is most traditionally braaied (grilled over charcoal), but is often cooked under an electric grill, or baked in an oven, or fried in a pan. Before cooking the "wors", it is customary for the "braai" chef to break off a piece of the uncooked sausage as a taster for him/herself and for those within an arms reach, this is considered a delicacy in South Africa and if offered it should never be refused as doing so is frowned upon in most "braai" circles.

Bobotie with Raisin studded Yellow Rice

Cape Malay beef mince dish, topped with egg and milk & a sprinkling of cinnamon and almonds. The origin of the word Bobotie is contentious. The Afrikaans etymological dictionary claims that the probable origin is the Malayan word boemboe, meaning curry spices. Bobotie was selected by 2008 Masters golf champion and South African native Trevor Immelman as the featured menu item for Augusta National's annual "Champions Dinner" in April 2009. Each year, the reigning champion at The Masters golf tournament, played every year in Augusta, Georgia, hosts the gathering and tends to create a menu featuring delicacies from his home region.

Malva Pudding with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Baked pudding, smothered in caramel sauce. Malva pudding is a sweet pudding of South African origin. It contains apricot jam and has a spongy caramelized texture. A cream sauce is often poured over it while it is hot, and it is usually served hot with custard and/or ice-cream.

Frozen Peppermint Crisp Tartlet

Biscuit and Caramel Layers, studded with peppermint crisp chocolate pieces.

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